Annie Goforth


“The SMG internship I completed was the most rewarding experience of my adult life so far. Not only did it land me my first job after college that I wouldn’t have received without my experiences gained at SMG, but it left a solid mark in my heart that I will never forget. The staff is beyond supportive and you will be welcomed to a new family. If you are looking for experience in sales, marketing and even graphic design I recommend this internship. You have the ability to earn commission off of the work you put in, but most importantly you have something to speak on when applying for jobs after college. Having tangible experiences of cold calling, objection handling and marketing is the most value piece I took with me to all of my interviews. The cherry on top? Lifelong friendships with the SMG staff, many aspiring entrepreneurs and hardworking students just like you! If you’re a go-getter, I promise you won’t regret this!”

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