Carson Simpson


“The SMG internship is the best summer investment that I have ever made, HANDS DOWN! This internship taught me the fundamental skills that it takes to be successful in sales which can be applied to any product, at any company. This program prepares you professionally but will also have a lasting impact on you personally. For example, I learned lessons about pre call, cold calling, sales presentations, tonality, closing, persistence, and how to build my own book of business. However, I also learned the importance of a daily routine, gratitude, motivation, and a positive mindset. All of these skills along with my performance in the program helped me build an unbelievable resume. My resume was so strong due of this program that every time I submitted a job application nine time out of ten I would get the interview. As a result, I was able to land my dream job at a fortune 50 company, UPS! Even after working for a fortune 50 company I can honestly say that SMG prepared me more than most the sales professionals I work with are and has set me up to make an immediate impact. Lastly, the culture and environment at SMG is unbelievable. The support and number of people who are believe in you is amazing which results is the strongest business connections and friendships.
“This program is not easy, but it’s one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been a part of and If you are reading this………..DO IT!!!”

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