Q What will I be doing?

You will meet face-to-face with local business owners to develop effective advertising campaigns in the Campus Plan-It Daily Planners. Our philosophy is not to SELL anything, but instead to HELP local business owners invest in the future of their business by advertising in our planner. Local business owners want to target the college and university market, and the best person for them to talk to is YOU. As a current student, you are the expert resource for insight into the elusive 18-24 college demographic!

Q You said I get paid?

Yes! The SMG internship program embraces a performance-based compensation model. The harder you work, the more money you make. Top performers can make upwards of $10,000 for the summer. Ask your manager for more details! In addition to the monetary benefits, an internship with SMG will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Q Is there a training program?

Yes! You will attend a 5-day sales training conference in May. At the conference, you will learn how to prospect your local market, improve your time management skills, interpret your customer’s body language, and have the opportunity to share “real world” sales experiences with other students who have worked in the field.

The sales training conference is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and prepare for a career in whatever field you choose to pursue in the future. We find that after the training conference students are energized and excited to have learned new skills outside of the college/university environment.

Q Will I be working with a team?

Yes, you’ll have other student interns in your area that you’ll work with throughout the summer. Teams will share experiences from the field and help motivate each other to hit personal and group goals. While teamwork is important, you’ll be visiting business owners independently; this is important because it helps you explore and develop your own personal selling style, and allows your team to get to more businesses faster–after all, sales is a numbers game.

Q When does the internship begin?

The internship begins after your last final. If you can coordinate to complete your final examinations earlier, you will have even more days to sell. Remember: the more selling days you have, the more money you will make!

Q Are there opportunities to work for SMG after my internship?

Absolutely! Almost all of the SMG team members started their career in the summer internship program (including the President and CEO). We have walked in your shoes and know how much it has affected our personal and professional development.

Q Where is the office located?

Our corporate office is located in Newark, DE near the University of Delaware campus. SMG does not have local offices in each of the college towns we serve. We have found that a local office is an unnecessary distraction because most of your time should be spent out in the field engaging new potential customers.

Q Are we given leads?

Yes! We have an extensive database of local businesses that we have compiled over the years. Of course the local business climate is in a constant state of flux, so we will teach you effective prospecting techniques to discover new opportunities as well.

Q How much do the ads cost?

A half page ad is $1295 and a quarter page ad is $995 for the entire school year. Please take the time to compare that to the rates in your student newspaper. In most markets, we find that a local business owner can take their ad out of the student newspaper for one day and put in into the Plan-It Planner for an entire year!

Q Do I get to design the ads?

You will meet with various business owners to consult on the layout of the display ads. Your expertise and insight as a current college student is invaluable. Who better to suggest advertising copy points than someone directly in their target market?

Q Will I get to travel?

Yes, you will have the optional opportunity to travel after your team achieves the local advertising sales goal. We work in more than 30 College/University towns throughout the country, so there are a lot of other markets to travel to once you’ve hit the goal in yours. At the end of the summer, the top student sales interns have the opportunity to attend our special year-end event – The Tournament of Champions.