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Features Include:
  • Reasons for a Party List
  • Fight Song
  • Yearly Goals Page
  • Puzzle Pages
  • Notes Pages
  • Personal Info Page
  • Frequently Called Numbers
  • Academic and Athletic Calendars
  • Class Scheduling Pages

With their constant juggle of classes, work, and weekend plans, students surely find a helping hand in the planner's CALENDAR SECTION.
The Campus Plan-It's monthly overviews and daily calendar pages make it easy for students to stay on track and manage their hectic schedules.

Features Include:
  • Monthly spreads followed by spacious
    weekly views with plenty of space to write
  • Holidays, community events, and Daylight Savings Time integrated into the calendar
  • Time-sensitive messages from local business partners
  • Entertaining trivia questions spread throughout the year

Uncovering and exploring everything a college town has to offer becomes a lot easier with the LOCAL BUSINESS GUIDE.
We scout each university market for the businesses students need to know about the most. highlighting them in the one place
they're sure to be seen for the entire year-the Campus Plan-It.

Features Include:
  • Organized directory of relevant local businesses
  • Coupon section with special student deals
  • Answers to trivia questions and additional puzzle pages

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