It goes without saying that we at SMG are crazy about planners. After doing a little research, it turns out we aren’t the only ones!! Read some of our favorite pro-planner findings below:

GenTwenty – Giveaway
“As a twenty-something with a crazy busy schedule, being organized is a top priority for me. While I’m practically glued to my iPhone, I much prefer writing out my plans and to-dos by hand.”

Life Hack – 3 Best Calendars You’ve Never Heard Of
“Many times, even though people are very digitally-oriented in their work, they still prefer having a paper calendar. Paper planners provide the benefit of immediate gratification—there is no waiting to boot up or fumble around with ‘toothpick typing.’ You can just write something in and keep going.”

Her Campus – Girls‘ Guide: Top 3 Best Planners
“The most important school supply I have is my planner. When I forget my planner in my dorm, it is like my whole life is in shambles…literally my whole life is written in there! From my meetings and appointments all the way to how many glasses of water I have had that day (I know, I’m psychotic), I just can’t get through the day without it.”

Emily Brickel – Inspiration, Balance and Getting Things Done – Like a Rock Star
“Physically writing your tasks and color coding them hard-wires your brain to actually process and analyze what you have to do, as opposed to typing it into a computer calendar where it may not actually sink in. When you have a planner you don’t have to worry about what happens if your computer crashes or your google calendar rearranges, deletes or fails to sync.”

Life Hacker – Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing Than Typing
“The act of writing helps you clarify your thoughts, remember things better, and reach your goals more surely. Here’s a look at the science and psychology behind writing, and why the pen may be mightier than the keyboard.”

Levo League – Programmed for Paper: In the War of Technology vs Paper, The Winner Is…
“Paper is more permanent. I will carry around a month’s worth of to-do lists with me in one notebook. With no command+Z, the check marks, doodles and black ink scratches are permanently on the paper.”